Planned Litter

Planned Litter

Due July 2020

We have been planning this Litter for 12 months and have imported semen for this mating to keep our bloodlines strong.

We have inseminated our Bitch and if it is successful and she becomes pregnant, the puppies will be whelped in July and ready for their homes in September. We will test and confirm pregnancy by about 18th June 2020.

Send us an email if you are interested and we will reply with further information on our process. Please be aware that here is no guarantee of you receiving a puppy, as we may not have the numbers or type of Ridgeback puppy that you are looking for.

ANKC Health & Well Being Committee COVID 19 advice to breeders

Full report can be found on ANKC web site

Extract from the report:

ANKC has received many inquiries in regard to continuation of breeding during this time of Government limitations, this of course is a personal choice but the ANKC recommends that before you mate a bitch, you give serious consideration to difficulties that may be encountered in relocating puppies to their new homes, transporting puppies both inter and intrastate can be a problem as are limited flights between states.

Please click the ANKC web site link and read the full report before considering purchasing a puppy.