Eucalyptus Litter

Born 18 February 2022

Sire: Supreme CH Jelany Red Nikaya for Chilolo

Dam: Sajanak Acacia Dancer (Kaylee)

All puppies sold

On 18 February 2022, Kaylee had 11 healthy puppies, 6 girls and 5 boys. Kaylee has recovered well, the puppies are healthy and all have good ridges, 1 boy has minor kinked tail and 1 female has minor undershoot jaw

We happily chose to keep one puppy from this litter, you can follow along with Ayla on her page.

Sajanak Eucalyptus Rumba "Crash"

Crash joined us at the Ridgeback Specialty Show in June 2022 for his first ever show as a Baby Puppy. His first time around the ring and he came 2nd Place Baby Puppy Dog in Show!

Critique from Judge: Mrs Sue Cameron-Codognotto (VIC) from the 2022 Rhodesian Ridgeback Championship Show - 2nd Baby Puppy Dog in Show:

Nearly 16 weeks old, this confident baby puppy is also of lovely breed type with good balance fore and after, good prosternum, fill and chest, displaying balanced bone and good feet. He could benefit from a little more strength to his underjaw. He moved well for such a young pup.

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