Sajanak Eucalyptus Watusi

Sajanak Eucalyptus Watusi "Ayla"


Alya is a sweet puppy and we have decided to keep her. She is very active and likes to play with the older dogs

Critique from Judge: Mrs Sue Cameron-Codognotto (VIC) from the 2022 Rhodesian Ridgeback Championship Show - Opposite Class (Baby Puppy) in Show

15 week old baby puppy bitch of beautiful breed type - she is elegant but with the necessary strength our standard demands. Beautiful breed typical head, with good ear-set, planes and gorgeous dark eye. Well balanced fore and after with balanced boned leading into good feet. Good depth of chest, prosternum, fill and top-line, this puppy is well constructed. Very clean on the move with good reach and drive highlighting that effortless gait. She is a very promising baby whose future should be bright if she continues to develop well. 

Ayla - Show Results

Opposite Class in Show

Best Of Breed

R/Up Best Of Breed

Challenge Bitch

Multiple Times Awarded

Ayla - Health Results


TBC - after 12 months of age


TBC - after 12 months of age