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Information About Our Application Process

Sajanak Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies

Our puppies have full vet checks, microchipped, are ANKC registered, have information on looking after them, and we offer support for your puppy for its life. The price of our puppies varies from litter to litter and depends on the cost to breed them. Our puppy’s range between $3,000 - $3,500 on limited registration (not for breeding), plus freight if not picked up from us.

To help achieve our goal of healthy puppies, we obtain DNA tests and Hip and Elbow scans on the parents prior to breeding. We use these tests to increase our chances of healthy puppies.

Choosing a breed is a personal choice - it's your choice

Inform and educate yourself about the various breed you are interested in. Look into the breed specific qualities and problems. Research the best way to raise and train your dog.  No matter what breed you choose, you will not get the perfect adult dog by choosing a breed or by the puppies looks, as success and failure is entirely in your hands, in how you socialise and train your puppy from day 1

Rhodesian Ridgeback is the dog for you

Our application process may seem a waste of your time, but we have found that it works for us in finding suitable owners for our puppies. We want people that are keen and interested, and people that  want our puppy for its entire life, the next +10 years.

Go through the other information on our web, I have gathered it from various sources that I believe are reputable (not old tales). It will answer a lot of questions that you most likely have.

A couple questions to consider before getting a puppy.

Time to apply:

The below process is how we make our decision as to who gets onto our puppy wait list. If you do not follow it, then you will not get onto our wait list and not get a puppy.

We have set responses that we send to you, as this ensures that you get all the information. 

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