Dog Sitting

Temporary Dog Sitting

We sometimes get asked if we can temporary look after your dog while you go on a holiday, for a few days or couple weeks.

On face value this would be something that we would love to do, especially if we have bred your dog. We would love to see how it has developed and would love to have it mix with our dogs, especially its relatives. 

However we do not offer this option.

I regularly say 'do not apply human emotions to a dog'. Dogs do not welcome other dogs onto their territory, even their own puppies. This is then doubled when there is a pack of dogs together. They tend to feed from each others tension/emotion and can very quickly become aggressive. Always remember, the Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred to hunt as a pack.

Another point is that we have 7 dogs and just don't have room for another on a temporary basis.

However, if for any reason you can no longer look after your dog, we would take it back. I would set up a kennel for it and take the time to assimilate it into our pack. We took Ruba as a 2 year old, and it took us about a week to slowly introduce her to our dogs, and longer before she became settled.

I do not have any boarding kennel to recommend as we have never used one.