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We have decided to desex Ruba. She has had 3 litters, and all required a caesarean due to small numbers. We would not like her to have another caesarean , in case her numbers were small again. It is a pity as she is a great mother and her pups have all been lovely. We have hopes for one of her pups from Hakea litter in the show ring - June 2024

Hakea Litter

Ruba had 2 girls on 26 Mar 2024. Ruba has recovered from the Caesarean, she is a great mum and both puppies are doing very well. Cant wait until they get old enough to see how they have developed - March 2024

Grevillea Litter

After 5 hours of whelping, Miyah had 5 girls and 1 boy on 19 Dec 2023. Miyah is a great mum and all puppies are doing very well and gaining weight - December 2023

2023 National Ridgeback Show

We are very excited when Xhosa won 4th Open Dog at the Ridgeback Nationals in August. He was up against some of the best Ridgebacks in Australia

Judge, Ms Nada Nikolic (Denmark) wrote about Xhosa:

5 years old. Excellent type and body proportions. Excellent head with good proportions. Round amber eyes that matches his liver nose, excellent length and depths of muzzle. Good ear carriage, short neck. Moderate angulations front and rear. Good bone. Good feet. Good depth of chest. Good top line. Good croup and tail setting, excellent coat, colour and ridge, moves a bit wide coming, but excellent from the side. Excellent temperament, well presented.

Ruba is now an Australian Champion

CH Beglory Queen Of Hearts (AI)

Show life has been a stop - start process for Ruba. With having puppies, to us moving interstate, but at last weekends show in Bundaberg, she was awarded the last few points needed for her 'Champion' title - June 2023

Sajanak Back In Palmwoods QLD

Life never ceases to keep us on our toes. Looks like all of 2023 in Mackay was short lived, we are based back on the Sunshine Coast again. - April 2023

Sajanak Temporarily Relocated to Mackay (QLD)

Due to work commitments we have moved to Mackay, Queensland -

Mackay is the Southern end of the Whitsunday Islands with tropical rain forests and beaches we are definitely not complaining. We expect to be here all of 2023. - December 2022

Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Show (QLD)

We were so pleased with how well our dogs did in the Specialty Show this year in Durack, QLD. Xhosa won Best Open (Dog) in Show, Moja won Best Minor Puppy in Show and little Ayla won Best Baby (Bitch) in Show! Very pleased with these results! - June 2022

Ruba - Best Open In Group

We were so happy when Ruba won Best Open in Group at the Bowen Show  (1) on Saturday 28 May. She was very well behaved and she did again in Show 2 by winning Challenge Bitch. We have a few more shows planned over the coming weeks and we hope she does well in them also - May 2022

Sajanak Ridgebacks on YouTube

We have just started a YouTube page where we have video of our dogs, and from dogs we have bred. This is also good as we have video of us Showing our dogs. You can see that there is nothing special in showing other than running you dog around a ring and getting them to stand still. You can find the YouTube Link on our Contact page - April 2022

Queensland Floods

We are fortunate that our home is high enough to escape any flood damage. This is the highest that the flood water has been in over 20years, as a local told us. We do feel for those that have not been as fortunate as us, wishing you all the best - February 2022

Eucalyptus Litter

After 13 hours of whelping, Kaylee had 6 girls and 5 boys on 18 Feb 2022. Kaylee is the perfect mum, even though this is her first litter. All puppies are doing very well and gaining weight - February 2022

Eucalyptus Litter

We are very excited to announce the upcoming Eucalyptus Litter. This is a special one for us as we bred Kaylee ourselves in our very first litter (Acacia), and also because she has been mated with a spectacular dog! We are very thankful to Rosemary Green of Chilolo Ridgebacks for the use of her boy Supreme CH Jelany Red Nikaya for Chilolo. - January 2022

Callistemon Litter

Our two big babies are doing so well and are putting on weight right in front of our eyes! - November 2021

Daviesia Litter

Our Daviesia litter has arrived! 8 boys and 5 girls, all very healthy. We are so proud of Miyah for getting through this so well! - October 2021

Callistemon Litter

The 2 very large and very hungry puppies are doing very well. It is great to watch them roll around and try to walk. Their eyes have opened and they are just cute! - October2021

Burnett Kennel Club Show

We were all nervous taking Ruba to her first show, as we did not know how she would act in the new and strange environment. There were some very nice Ridgebacks entered and we were very pleased when she won Class of Breed.  Then when she won Reserve Challenge Bitch, it was time to celebrate with some chocolates on the drive home. - August 2021

Welcoming "Ruba"

We are very excited to have Ruba as a new addition to our family. We are so grateful to Neash of Beglory Ridgebacks for another wonderful pup - July 2021

Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Show QLD 2021

Xhosa has done us proud again with winning Best Intermediate Dog and Best Opposite Intermediate in Show for both the Open and Championship shows 

He was also short listed for Best Gaited Dog in the Open Show - June 2021


It is difficult with not being able to socialise our dogs last year due to all the Covid restrictions and lock downs, but with getting them back out to the shows it is helping them immensely

We are having fun again and are able to get back out to some dog shows with both Xhosa and Kaylee doing well - April 2021

Banksia Litter

Banksia litter are now 9 weeks old and are all going to their new homes. They grow up so fast! 

We are very pleased with how they have all developed and they will be much loved by their new families. - March 2021

Banksia Litter

We are very pleased to announce our Banksia litter, with 3 girls and 2 boys born January 17 2021. The father of this litter is called Kruger, from Canada. We are excited about these puppies as the sire is a high-quality dog to keep our bloodlines strong. - January 2021

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. I was able to catch up on some gardening over the break, and it is great to have helpers when pulling out weeds. 

We are looking forward to some more puppies later this year and to start going back to dog shows to see the other breeders and their Ridgebacks - January 2021

Merry Christmas

Sajanak Ridgebacks would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!  We are very hopeful that everything will get back to normal in the coming months. - December 2020

3 Generations - Grandfather, Father, Daughter

At Sajanak Ridgebacks, we believe in good bloodlines for good Ridgebacks. Multi CH Rayridge Jared Boleyd (Russia); CH Beglory Fendi Xhosa; Sajanak Acacia Dancer. - June 2020

COVID-19 Restrictions are being relaxed

On Saturday 2nd May, the Qld Government has started to relax the restriction on social distancing. This is great news, but it hasn't really impressed Kaylee as the Dog Shows are still cancelled.. - May 2020

2020 Dog Shows Cancelled until further notice

Queensland 2020 Dog Shows have been cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19. We were intending to show Miyah in her first opportunity to gain points as a Minor Puppy; and we were looking forward to seeing how Kaylee does in her first show as a Baby Puppy. We will be keeping updated with Dogs Qld to see how things progress and when shows will be back on. - March 2020

Merry Christmas

Sajanak Ridgebacks would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! - December 2019

Acacia Litter

We are so very excited to announce the birth of 3 boys and 5 girls to our Zahli! - December 2019

Litter Due!

We are very excited to announce the upcoming litter due in December 2019 between CH Beglory Fendi Xhosa and Churingaloge Tarva! Visit our Litters page for more info! - November, 2019

Welcome Miyah

We are very pleased to announce the newest member of the Sajanak family, Magombe Puttin on the Ritz "Miyah".

We thank Jan Baker for this wonderful addition - September, 2019

Australian Champion!

We are very excited to announce that Xhosa has been awarded the Conformation Title of Australian Champion after only three months of showing! - August, 2019

Junior in Group

Xhosa has been awarded Best Junior in Group at the Advance Pacific International Show in Durack, Qld - July 2019

Happy Birthday Zahli and Xhosa

This month, we celebrate Zahli's 4th birthday, and Xhosa's 1st!

We are very pleased with how Zahli has been our anchor, and how Xhosa is growing up - June, 2019

Best Puppy in Ridgeback Specialty Show

We are very pleased to have been able to present Xhosa as Best Puppy at the Queensland Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Show in Durack, Qld - June, 2019