Sajanak Callistemon Yang

Sajanak Callistemon Yang (AI) "Khoba"


Khoba is a  big puppy that trips over his own huge paws. He has such a fun loving personality and we are just so pleased with him.

Khoba- Show Results

Khoba started his showing with youthful exuberance and we were very pleased when he won class in breed in his very first showing.

Critique from Judge: Mrs Sue Cameron-Codognotto (VIC) from the 2022 Rhodesian Ridgeback Championship Show - Third Place Puppy Dog in Show

This 8-months old male is of good breed type showcasing strength and elegance but does lack maturity to the others in this class. He has a good breed typical head, with good planes, defined stop, good ear-set, beautiful round dark eye, but his flews could be a little tighter. Good length of neck, flowing into a good lay of shoulder, he is longer cast than I prefer, which currently impacts his top-line, however, this could improve with time and maturity and he’s a little steeper in croup than ideal. Strong bone and good feet. On the move he displays good reach and drive with an effortless gait but at present, runs significantly downhill and he’s a little close in rear. 

R/Up Best Of Breed

Challenge Dog

Multiple Times Awarded

Khoba- Health Results


Total  1:2   Total Score 3


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