Information Available

There is a lot of information available on the internet, a good place to start as looking is at the Australian National Kennel Council  web site and your state member body Web Sites; Dogs ACT, Dogs West, Dogs Queensland, Dogs NT, Dogs NSW, Dogs SA, Dogs Tasmania and Dogs Victoria.

Information on how we make our decision to get people onto our puppy waitlist

Puppy bones do not join until at least 12 months of age. Be very careful with what you allow your puppy to do.

What does this request really mean?

How big is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, you might be surprised?

The best food for your Ridgeback, you may not like our answer

Some suggested questions to ask a breeder before you buy a puppy from them. We are happy to answer all of them.

Why we can not provide temporary dog sitting for you

Some question the validity of these tests, others recommend that all breeders do it. Some explanation on what each test is about

Hip and elbow dysplasia are debilitating conditions of the hip and elbow joints in dogs, especially larger breeds.

Explanation of dog showing. How to enter, what happens at the ring, what happens if you win an event or not

The Rhodesian Ridgeback standard is the description of the perfect Ridgeback, includes appearance, characteristics, and temperament

Opinions vary on  how much inbreeding is appropriate, interesting article about it.

Extract on the history of the Rhodesian Ridgeback